When the PAIN is real and no one understands, You start your day and it changes your plans;

You know by far it’s the worst that you’ve had, So you think to yourself is it always going to be this bad;

You look to the doctors and others for relief; The doctors for medicine, family and friends for belief;

You toil and struggle each day to make the best of your situation, While you’re hoping and praying more and more with anticipation;

That your mind, your joints and the pain will ease and get better, Still knowing that the source of it all is here with you forever;

You take your medication the way you know you should, With hopes and prayers that this one will be good;

You settle down while taking it all in, Then you say to yourself this “battle I will win”.

Even though there have been times when you were sick and weak, While feeling like your life was sad and bleak;

While you know this battle will be full of challenges, just fight and stay strong, And remember in this journey you have been a fighting RA warrior all along;

So never give up hope or feel defeated, Because if you do, RA will win and chances are you could have beat it;

Faith is ours to have and to hold, From this day forward it will help us fight in ways untold;

So be proud of who you are and how well you’ve fought and come thus far.

Be Blessed

photo credit:  mario a.m. trejo/