Having support is an important factor in our journey with rheumatoid arthritis but we still find  there is a big lack of understanding, so that brings about less support for some of us.  Having support can help us in so many ways.  It is wonderful to have someone who you can turn to when you need to talk, or you just want to cry or even vent too. Without having this type of support we find ourselves slipping into depression.

Feeling isolated, lonely and afraid is never a good place to be.  It is vital for us to find support with family, friends, blogs or support groups.  The main thing is finding some type of support because this can definitely help to keep down the stress and depression which can have a negative effect on us.  It can surely cause us to have flares and this can set us back in our fight to live better with this disease.

I know there are a lot of people with rheumatoid arthritis who do not have any support and is feeling lonely and lost and in need of someone they can turn to or others who find themselves wishing they had more support.  For those I hope and pray you find the support you need.  For those that have all of the support that you need, I’m happy for you and I pray that it continues.

For each of us the understanding of our disease is a gateway to our Support which can be a great  treatment for our disease.  Are you Supported?

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