Being a person with rheumatoid arthritis is a place where I never imagined I would be and really where I don’t want to be but here I am.  How do I deal with it?  In many different ways.  I find myself sometimes trying to ignore it but that’s hard except for those rare days when I hardly feel any pain. Other times I try not to think about it and then there’s the majority of the time, reality.

I have it, it’s here, I can’t change it so I deal with it and so goes the story.  Can it be depressing?  Yes it can. I don’t get depressed often but I do have my days.  I sometimes wake up and I feel depressed for what I think is no reason but of course there is a reason.  I think about myself and this disease and I find that I feel overwhelmed at how often the pain can be there or for the simple fact that I have RA.  I cry sometimes and I want to reach out to others but I don’t want to upset anyone else or have them feel bad for me or worry about me.  I know the support and understanding is there but dealing with this at times is more than that.  We have to go through our own thing whether is to cry or to swear just to make us feel better.  Then after that I realize I needed that time for myself and I settle down and further realize, I’m not so bad.  This is how I deal with my depression. 

Depression with rheumatoid arthritis is a part of the package.  We all go through it.  It’s having your way of dealing with it that’s important. Having that support system to help you through it, to listen when you want to talk or just to let you cry if that’s what you want to do. Those close to us not understanding this disease I believe is an important factor in our depression. Do we hide it to shelter our family?  Is that a good idea?  Probably not.  I believe a lot of us are guilty of this.  I have to say that I am sometimes.  I do it because I don’t want them to worry and think that things are worse than they are.

The important thing is having someone who you can turn to when you need them.  When you feel it’s time for you to reach out.  Maybe that me moment might work for you sometimes but whatever the solution is, always reach out for it.  If medication is your solution don’t be ashamed to get it.  Having a chronic disease is life changing so that changes everything, so we must cope in a manner that will get us through.  I hope for each of you most of your days are good.  Look for those that are best for you.  It will be okay.  Remember you are your fiercest Warrior.

Be Blessed but don’t be Ashamed or Afraid.  It’s okay to cry because tears clear the eyes to see things Clearer.

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