For me having rheumatoid arthritis is never really knowing what my day is going to be like. When I lay down at night I hope that my morning will be a good one with no pain or minimal pain.

I’ve been one of the Blessed ones to say that I don’t have any deformities that are very noticeable and have been fortunate to catch my disease early but I often wonder when I’m in pain “Is this the feeling that does all of the damage”.  Though I have had my share of issues, I do still feel that I caught my disease in its early stages and prevented the damage.

Of course I have pain and some days it’s pretty bad but I find for me night is my enemy.  I notice that my hand and foot (right side) seem to be playing games with each other to see who can aggravate me the most while my shoulder keeps score, well the hand wins.  I try finding ways to make it better like putting it under my pillow, which actually is very comforting but it lingers.  I try to fight back with Advil but that doesn’t get the job done completely but it helps a little bit. Eventually, relief does come and that’s super.

I don’t normally say a whole lot about myself and I won’t bore everyone either but I wanted to get this thought out.  I blog about RA because I want others to know that I understand what they are going through and I know that support is a Must. This is therapeutic for me and it is what I feel I should do to help others to understand our disease.  I know there are a lot of search engines out there for people to find information about RA but there is nothing that can help like a personal thought, a little understanding, a little support and someone who can relate to what you’re going through.  Searching the definition of rheumatoid arthritis and finding out symptoms and what medicines are needed cannot give a person  going through any of the effects of this disease a sense of comfort.  It’s when you find out all of these things that you want to reach out to someone who understands.  This is my purpose.  Just to help a little if that’s all that I can do.

I may not have a positive effect on a lot of people but if I can make one person feel better or give them a sigh of relief on any given day, my blogging is worth it, my passion is done and that is what makes it therapeutic for me.

Be Blessed, my story to you.

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