Rheumatoid arthritis can really take a toll on our bodies in so many ways.  It can change your appearance little by little or in an aggressive fashion.

It does this by causing deformities in your hands, fingers, wrists, feet, knees, elbows and in some cases your back.  But there is still the case with so many the chance of losing your teeth and your hair.  Which is worst for you? I don’t know.  Is it your smile, is it that little balding spot in your head, maybe. It’s all overwhelming when it happens but we reach out to others asking questions to see if there are things we can do to help with these issues.  We get feedback, we get supporting words and we get understanding.  All of this is great and exactly what we need but how do we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror.  Do we feel pity or sadness, probably. Do we think why is this happening to me. Do we just wish this disease would just go away, yes of course we do, but it won’t.

Still we carry on from day to day making the best of what we have to deal with and this makes us strong and for that we should be proud.  Yes we all have gone through a lot on some level from pain to deformities but we have to hold strong and love ourselves in spite of these issues and loving ourselves and strength is what makes us the Warriors that we are.  We may not love what this disease does to us but we can love so much about ourselves.  I do, how about you?

Be Blessed

Photo Credit: Joanie Belleau/FreeImages