I know for all of us this is a very difficult disease.  It does so many things to us physically and emotionally, so I ask the question, does that make you ashamed?

There are many reasons why we might feel ashamed.  Some of us change physically and the looks we might get from people makes us ashamed, another because the medicines we take might affect our memory (me for sure), and of course we’re emotional and these things can make us feel less secure in ourselves which brings on shame.  But the biggest thing I think a lot of us deal with is the lack of understanding and the feedback we get from others who think that our disease isn’t as bad as it is and that we’re making more of it for our own selfish reasons.  So we find ourselves hiding what we’re going through for fear of being called lazy or being called a complainer and to be called these things makes us ashamed of expressing exactly what feel.

The thing to remember, we did not ask for this disease so we have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all. Whether we change physically or mentally is out of our control, so to be ashamed is not an option that we should allow others to make us feel.  RA is not a friend and neither are those that spend their time trying to make us feel anything other than BETTER.

Be Blessed