Statistics state that RA is more common in women and the reason is really unknown.ย  We are more at risk for getting RA and we’re likely to get it 2 to 3 times more than a man. I wonder why!!!!

With this knowledge, I wanted to explore some of the ways that this disease affect us differently than men.ย  A lot of women have problems with their wrist and/or hands maybe from typing on their job or other jobs where there is a lot of use with their hands, their hips due to pregnancy, our hormones and possibly menopause plays a role, because of our menstrual cycle we tend to be anemic, and more seriously does some of the medication we take stop women from getting pregnant or delay the time.ย  We know that with certain medicines, it does affect our hair and of course our feet and we can’t wear our “Heels”, oh boy.ย 

Note; there are other ways for sure but I just wanted to touch on a few things just from a woman’s perspective and I would love to get some feedback from some of you about your feelings on this. Woman fight a lot of battles as mothers, sisters, aunts and of course RA Warriors. We stand strong in our struggles and make it work the best we know how.

Looking forward to your comments on this tough subject because your input is very important not just to me but all of us.

Be Blessed