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RA – Dealing With Rheumatoid Arthritis Do – You Cry About The Pain And Hide Your Tears


With rheumatoid arthritis Pain is one of the most notable things that goes with this disease.  Sometimes it can be mild and sometimes it’s really bad.  We have to try to adjust to whatever that degree of pain maybe at any given time.  We deal with the fact there may or may not be relief for us during those times.  We have flares that vary in lengths of time with degrees of pain and then there is the everyday pain we have to remind us that we have this disease.

With this comes our many emotions.  The fact that we hurt so much and so often can leave us depressed or overwhelmed so we find ourselves crying.  We maybe crying because we are depressed or we maybe crying because we are overwhelmed or for both reasons.  Crying is what gives us relief from all of the built up frustration that we feel from this unpredictable life that this disease has put upon us.  Crying is what washes away the mood that is holding us down.  Crying is what clears our minds so we can think of better ways we can become stronger in our fight to win against this disease.  So shedding those tears can be a good thing for us. Continue reading “RA – Dealing With Rheumatoid Arthritis Do – You Cry About The Pain And Hide Your Tears”

RA – Where Does Your Support Come From


Where does your support come from? This is a question that I wonder about for many with RA.  As I’ve said before, it’s really hard having RA and at times even harder to get some to understand that fact.  As much as we try, for some it’s a losing battle.  It makes you feel like you’re losing your battle with RA as well as the battle for understanding.  It doesn’t matter if that understanding comes from family, friends or others in your life, it’s all that some may have.  With understanding comes support.  Just once ounce of support a day can make a beautiful difference in our lives.  Hopefully you don’t have to look too far for it.

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RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis Is It My Worst Enemy – Words From A Woman That Has It


I have rheumatoid arthritis and I find myself wondering is it my worst enemy.  I ask this question because enemies of any kind are things that we dislike and don’t want in our presence.  I won’t use the word hate because it is a strong word and I have been taught throughout my life not to hate anything or anyone and I don’t.  But RA is one thing that I don’t like so this brings about my question “Is it my worst enemy”.

Enemies are things that can bring harm to you, things that you don’t want around and things that you fight to remove from your presence.  Of course enemies can be a person but not in this case. I feel if the enemy was a person there would be an easier way I could handle it. I would be able to deal with the situation in a level playing field but with RA I’m unable to fight a fair fight. There is no way to negotiate battle grounds with this disease since it call all of the shots.  It decides what your day will be like as well as deciding how you will feel and if you will face your day with a smile. Continue reading “RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis Is It My Worst Enemy – Words From A Woman That Has It”

But You Look Okay, Are You Sure There’s Something Wrong


I’m sure we’ve all heard those words and I have say I know they can be very irritating or disparaging. Not only do they irritate you but they let you know that you’re not believed.

So that goes back to fact that a lot of people really don’t understand our disease.  I like to call it disease because with illness sometimes it’s believed with illness, it’ll just go away. You see even though a lot of us show no physical signs we are hurting just the same.

That’s why we get sayings like, you don’t look sick, you walk just fine or you act like you’re alright.  I hardly show visible signs only my right hand swollen and my right foot swollen a little but boy do I have lots of aches and pains. Some of us are fortunate to not have visible signs but none the less we hurt…

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RA – Having Rheumatoid Arthritis – Do You Feel Guilty For The Pain You’re Suffering


Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty because you are sick so often with rheumatoid arthritis.  You feel guilty because you can’t perform the task that you once could or even some of the smallest things that you once could.  It is very disconcerting if you find that you can’t play with your children the way you would like or do some of things they want you to do and find you  are wishing with all of your heart you could run outside, play ball or even walk in the park with them the way you once could or even the way you’ve never been able to.

This is the situation we face so much of the time with our families.  We wish we could do all of these things but our disease dictate when and how much we can do in our lives.  We still try to do things even through our pain but so often the pain takes over and we have to listen to our bodies, therefore we are limited to what we can do. With this, the guilt creeps in because we feel we are neglecting our love ones. Of course this is not intentional but never the less the guilt is there. Continue reading “RA – Having Rheumatoid Arthritis – Do You Feel Guilty For The Pain You’re Suffering”

RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicine – Is There A Good Fix For Us – The Daunting Task of Finding It


Having rheumatoid arthritis means we have to take the desired medication to stop the pain in our joints and to hopefully stop any joint damage and to stop any further joint damage. Finding which one that works for you is the beginning of your journey.

The journey begins with maybe one or two medication and in some cases even more.  That depends on the level of your disease.  Even the taking of these medications does not mean they will work, so we may have to try something different in a short span of time.  You see with rheumatoid arthritis there is no quick fix or simple fix so this is why we have this tremendous task of finding the best fix for us. This task can be daunting but we have to do it. Continue reading “RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicine – Is There A Good Fix For Us – The Daunting Task of Finding It”

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Encouragement To Never Give Up The Fight For Yourself


When the PAIN is real and no one understands, You start your day and it changes your plans;

You know by far it’s the worst that you’ve had, So you think to yourself is it always going to be this bad;

You look to the doctors and others for relief; The doctors for medicine, family and friends for belief;

You toil and struggle each day to make the best of your situation, While you’re hoping and praying more and more with anticipation;

That your mind, your joints and the pain will ease and get better, Still knowing that the source of it all is here with you forever;

You take your medication the way you know you should, With hopes and prayers that this one will be good;

You settle down while taking it all in, Then you say to yourself this “battle I will win”.

Even though there have been times when you were sick and weak, While feeling like your life was sad and bleak;

While you know this battle will be full of challenges, just fight and stay strong, And remember in this journey you have been a fighting RA warrior all along;

So never give up hope or feel defeated, Because if you do, RA will win and chances are you could have beat it;

Faith is ours to have and to hold, From this day forward it will help us fight in ways untold;

So be proud of who you are and how well you’ve fought and come thus far.

Be Blessed

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RA – Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis On A Day-To-Day Basis – How Do You Cope

I have rheumatoid arthritis and was diagnosed about 4.5 years ago.  As previously stated my diagnosis came as a surprise and since then I have had my share of ups and downs.

Living with rheumatoid arthritis daily is never the same on any given day.  For me a lot of my days are good but there have been hard days.  One of my bad days is as recent as a couple days ago while writing my blog.  You never know what to expect or how it’s going to be or how long it’s going to last.  Your only hope is that you find something that will bring you relief and how fast that relief will come.

I often look at my right hand noticing the swelling and the slight changes that have occurred just over these few years and realize that I hardly ever attempt to open anything anymore.  This is just one of the things in my daily life I don’t try do because I know it’s impossible.  I also notice the limit I have with my left shoulder which in turn affects some of the use of my arm.  Not being able to use it like I once did affects my use of it daily which can be an emotional roller coaster but you battle on to do what is necessary to keep yourself going strong. Continue reading “RA – Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis On A Day-To-Day Basis – How Do You Cope”

What Happened To My Hair


I had to write this blog because I know there are a lot of you out there with RA that are having problems with your hair.  I have seen so many other post about this.  Well we know the meds we’re on does not help at all and we have to take one thing to counter act another thing so it’s like a vicious cycle and we have to deal with the blow that RA has given us.

Do you look in the mirror and you just stare at yourself because that full head of hair that you had once is not there anymore. I get it. It seems short, maybe stringy, unhealthy looking and you’re wondering what should I do.  You look on the floor and there it seems to be more there than on your head.  So we try different things to try to get it back the…

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