July 2015

RA and The Battle With Fatigue

For all of us with RA we fight an endless battle with fatigue.  It is one of the main things that hold us down in our disease.  It is one of those hidden little enemies that we face daily.

With this being an intricate part of our daily lives, I’m sure we all have found ways to cope with it. Some may do a little bit at a time and then rest, some may work an hour and rest an hour and there are those who still have to go to work. Some days there are some that can’t even get out of bed… get the point.  Fatigue is there but we have to cope as best we can as we try to make those around us understand it and see it through our eyes. Continue reading “RA and The Battle With Fatigue”

RA – Where Does Your Support Come From

Where does your support come from? This is a question that I wonder about for many with RA.  As I’ve said before, it’s really hard having RA and at times even harder to get some to understand that fact.  As much as we try, for some it’s a losing battle.  It makes you feel like you’re losing your battle with RA as well as the battle for understanding.  It doesn’t matter if that understanding comes from family, friends or others in your life, it’s all that some may have.  With understanding comes support.  Just once ounce of support a day can make a beautiful difference in our lives.  Hopefully you don’t have to look too far for it. Continue reading “RA – Where Does Your Support Come From”

RA – The Clouds In My Eyes – Can You See Them There

My topic today is about the eyes.  The clouds in my eyes can be a sign of sadness, depression, pain or a combination of all of these.  But it’s not about the above I’m referring to, it’s actually about something totally different.

You see the clouds in my eyes are just the beginning of a new chapter for me and my RA.  It started with a visit to my optometrist and finding out that I really do have clouds in my eyes.  I have been diagnosed with early signs of cataracts, yes cataracts.  Being told that you have some problems in one eye but just a little bit worse in the other can bring on the clouds of sadness and depression.  Still I must say I handled it well.  The doctor gave me positive news that I can call my Ray of Sunshine. Continue reading “RA – The Clouds In My Eyes – Can You See Them There”

RA – Where Have All of My Friends Gone

Have you wondered since being diagnosed with RA where have all of your friends gone.  Before being diagnosed you had friends, some of you with a lot and some with a few that you knew you could count on but since your diagnosis, have they disappeared? I see this question a lot and I thought I would talk about it a little bit. Continue reading “RA – Where Have All of My Friends Gone”

RA – My Pretty Hands and My Pretty Feet

I look at my hands and I see they are still pretty, well one not as much as the other.  I look at my feet, they are still pretty, well one not so much as the other but they’re still pretty.

This is not a sad post, just a true post. A day in my life with RA.  Well my RA has taken a little toll on my hands and feet but not as much as some.  I remember when I would just get up, get dressed, put my rings on and put my shoes on and out the door.  Now it’s a guess if my rings will fit or if my feet will hurt today.  My pretty rings including my wedding rings are a guess if they will fit.  I maybe able to get them on sometimes but it’s a struggle to get them off.  I’m happy when I can because it keeps my day normal and I won’t have to think about things so much. Continue reading “RA – My Pretty Hands and My Pretty Feet”

RA – How Many Meds Are You On and The Struggle We Face

Hey all, I know we all have to take medicine for our RA and I’m sure we don’t really want to.  We read the side effects of on them and we’re torn about what we should do.

We know in our hearts that we have to take the meds in order to prevent damage from occurring or to prevent further damage to our joints but we struggle with, “is it the right thing to do”.  Not because of the fact that we need the meds but because of what is written about the side effects which can be devastating. Continue reading “RA – How Many Meds Are You On and The Struggle We Face”

RA – When Someone You Love or Know Has It – There’s Someone Close By

Hi all been off the grid for a little bit.  It’s great to be back and all is well.

Busy weekend behind me but also interesting weekend making discoveries about love ones that also have rheumatoid arthritis.  I must say it was eye opening and as well as a jolt of serious reality of the disease just in my family.

I must be honest, this is about my sister.  I’d heard for years her saying she has arthritis but not so much about rheumatoid arthritis.  Later on in years then got inklings of her saying she has RA.  Honestly, once I was diagnosed and the pain I felt and what I knew about RA, I figured, she can’t have RA, she would be in so much more pain or by now she would have some deformity because I knew she wasn’t getting the proper treatment.  “I must say by no fault of her own”.

Over the years of seeing her, she wasn’t so bad and I still thought RA??? Ummm. She still talked about the debilitating pain she was in and how her hands just didn’t want to work.  Finally, I thought, maybe she does. Maybe she does.

Fast forward to this weekend, seeing her for the first time after a long while and I was shocked to see just how far along she has developed with what I now know for sure is “Rheumatoid Arthritis”.  Unfortunately, she has the deformity that comes along with with it and a number of other health issues.  I felt her pain, I felt sad, I felt hurt, I felt Blessed she was still pressing along with spirit through it all but I must admit that I felt Blessed that my disease compared hers at this point isn’t as bad.  I cried with her daughter as we watched in awe at the changes that had taken place and saw how quickly this disease can change your life and take what you thought you once had and once knew about yourself.

I also have a niece that is going through her own issues with RA.  She is a trooper, showed a strong face though I know there was both physical and emotional pain there for her as well.  She is finding her way through this disease the same as we are and I wish her well.

As you can see from my blog, there is always someone close that has this disease whether it’s a family member, friend or co-worker.  It is closer than you think.  How do you cope, what would you think, what would you do and how would you feel.  Please realize this is a serious disease and it is not just “Arthritis”.  It can be devastating to an individual and it can change a life in a month, months or years.

Be Blessed

I Have Rheumatoid Arthritis – Ooh I Have That Too

Hi all.  I have been talking about my RA but never really went into detail about what it really is.  It is an autoimmune disease which affects your immune system.

Here is a little bit more about what I’ve learned about RA for myself.  It tears down your joints, it makes your joints hurts and this includes most joints if not all. It starts mostly in smaller joints and move to larger joints but keep in mind, each person is different so my case is different than others.  It affects your vision, your lungs, almost everything and most of all it can affect your heart. There are serious deformities for some, some not so much, some wheelchair bound….just to get a picture of the point I will make.  That’s the reality of what we live with.

There is medication that we are given to help with these symptoms and that in itself is another thing that I will discuss at a later time. But this road even with help from meds has its complications.

“I have rheumatoid arthritis, ooh I have that too” is the statement I made because a lot of people confuse RA with regular arthritis or arthritis that is known for people when they get older. Some think that you can take an aspirin or an advil and feel just fine. Some think if you rub with ointment (smile), you will feel better.  Some think if you rest a while, just loosen up those joints you will feel better.  The problem is, it’s not the same thing and it’s definite not that simple.  My thought is, the word arthritis is the mistake.  What we have is more than arthritis and it should be known as such, it is an inflammatory disease.

So you see, when we hear, I have that too and why can’t you get better or why are you always sick, why are you always aching, it’s because they really don’t understand the difference. I hope I have helped a little with the understanding just from MY point of view.

Be Blessed

When You Say Yes and Your Knees Say No

Okay this story is really kind of cute or a little funny.  It’s about saying my prayers.  I’m sure many of you out there still say your prayers the way momma taught you saying them on your knees.

Well the other night I decided to say my prayers, got down on my knees and boy on the way down, I knew it wasn’t going to be good.  So I made it down and the pain was bad so I tried to maneuver myself for comfort and ended up yelling out in pain.  Needless to say, no prayers right then so I had to laugh as I said, “God I’m sure you heard that loud and clear”.

Not the end of the story.  Finished my prayers then there’s the task of getting back up.  I finally made it up and I thought to myself that was a painful prayer but I know God understands and I had to laugh at myself again.  So you see no matter how much we hurt, we push on to do what we have to do and thanking and praying to God is a must.  Still we can also get a little humor out of our situations no matter how painful as they can be.

I had to laugh at my situation because I knew it would help me with what I had to do and it was actually funny.  My own little private joke.  So you see, there are times when we say yes, our body says no. Still we struggle on and make the best out it and for that we are truly warriors.

So here’s to all of the warriors fighting that battle, take a moment and maybe have a good laugh at something funny that you do.  I know it’s not a funny situation but maybe when something silly happens to you, a laugh will make you feel better if it’s only for just a minute.

Be Blessed

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