I’ve said that blogging is therapeutic for me so I guess I need a little therapy (lol). I’ve been blogging a lot.

If I had a choice, would I have RA.  Of course the answer would be no.  But I do have it.  If I had a choice,  could I make people understand what RA is really all about;  If I had a choice would it hurt a little less;  If I had a choice would my meds not make me sick;  If had a choice would the first medicine I get be the last medicine I get;v If I had a choice would the first rheumatologist I get be the only one I get;  If I had a choice would I stay in remission for a life time;  If I had a choice would everyone in my family understand what I’m going through;  If I had a choice would it be therapeutic for me to blog about something other than RA. Get my point. Getting RA is not a choice.

In life I guess you can say we are given some choices, whether to do good or bad or take this job or that job or which house or car to buy.  But with illnesses we aren’t given a choice (for the most part).  So what do we do.  You buckle up, get yourself together and take that ride through the life that’s ahead of you. It maybe tough and we may not think we can make it but with prayer and hope we can do it. So really we do have a choice, to Trust God and depend on Him for guidance for all that we have to go through and know that he will pave our way through this journey that I call The Rheumatoid Arthritis Highway. So here’s to wishing you a pain-free and safe travel down your RA Highway.

Be Blessed