I’ve read a lot of comments where so many with RA have mentioned they are unhappy and depressed about their situation whether it is regarding the effects that the pain has on them, or their ability to do things in their day-to-day lives, or the lack of understanding from others and the lack of support from those close to them.  It can also be a factor in just having the disease itself.

I’m sure dealing with unhappiness can add to our ability to maintain some normalcy in our daily lives.  It leaves us striving to move through our day with the added task of taking meds, possibly going to therapy and doctor’s appointments.  For some the unhappiness/depression is a once in a while thing, for some it’s a monthly thing and for some it’s an everyday thing.   

It is important that we all have ways to deal with our unhappiness which can cause us to become depressed.  Try hard to never let it get the best of you, never let it make you feel isolated or feel that you are wrong for feeling this way because you have a disease.  It is not for anyone to judge but for all to help. These are my opinions and it’s not to offend anyone or to upset anyone, just my thoughts to let you know that I understand what we go through with this disease and why we feel the way that we do.

Never be afraid to reach out to someone to help you through a tough time.  A friendly ear to listen could make a world of difference.  Just having someone hear you say “today is not a good day” might make you feel so much better.  So know that you’re not alone in this fight and know there are others who understand your pains and feelings in this struggle .

Be Blessed