For all of us with RA we fight an endless battle with fatigue.  It is one of the main things that hold us down in our disease.  It is one of those hidden little enemies that we face daily.

With this being an intricate part of our daily lives, I’m sure we all have found ways to cope with it. Some may do a little bit at a time and then rest, some may work an hour and rest an hour and there are those who still have to go to work. Some days there are some that can’t even get out of bed… get the point.  Fatigue is there but we have to cope as best we can as we try to make those around us understand it and see it through our eyes.

There are so many that do not understand the fatigue that we face and what impact it has on our daily being so we found ourselves not only dealing with fatigue but guilt about it.  It’s not something that we take for granted or that we use as a crutch as many think but it is a reality.  Understanding about this is what we need. We find a way to pull ourselves together and do what we have to do even when we are pulling from the last bit of strength that we have and this “feat” in itself makes us strong.  We are warriors for doing more than we can when we can and for that be PROUD.

Be Blessed