Where does your support come from? This is a question that I wonder about for many with RA.  As I’ve said before, it’s really hard having RA and at times even harder to get some to understand that fact.  As much as we try, for some it’s a losing battle.  It makes you feel like you’re losing your battle with RA as well as the battle for understanding.  It doesn’t matter if that understanding comes from family, friends or others in your life, it’s all that some may have.  With understanding comes support.  Just once ounce of support a day can make a beautiful difference in our lives.  Hopefully you don’t have to look too far for it.

I have been Blessed to have a very supporting family and some friends but as with everyone, there is always going to be some that won’t be there for you and some who will leave along the way.  Know that there are millions of us suffering from RA who do understand and support each other. I know that if any one of us reaches out, there will be someone to lend an ear, text or blog.  Know that this is one place that is just a blog away to hear your story and/or to lend support.  We all need it and we all should have it.

Be Blessed