My topic today is about the eyes.  The clouds in my eyes can be a sign of sadness, depression, pain or a combination of all of these.  But it’s not about the above I’m referring to, it’s actually about something totally different.

You see the clouds in my eyes are just the beginning of a new chapter for me and my RA.  It started with a visit to my optometrist and finding out that I really do have clouds in my eyes.  I have been diagnosed with early signs of cataracts, yes cataracts.  Being told that you have some problems in one eye but just a little bit worse in the other can bring on the clouds of sadness and depression.  Still I must say I handled it well.  The doctor gave me positive news that I can call my Ray of Sunshine.

Cataracts aren’t a devastating problem like it was back in the day so I have that to be thankful for.  We watch, we test and we go from there.  The cause of my diagnosis is really not known but possibly due the steroids that I’ve been taking as well as the injections that I’ve been getting for my pain.  This is one of the possibilities as well as genetics.  Strangely a year ago everything was great and suddenly the change.  It shows how quickly a day in our lives can change.

I had to tell myself not to think that this is “just one more thing” that I have to deal with while having RA.  I had to tell myself, it could have been worse and I’m grateful that it’s not.  I try so hard to see the positive in all of these things because if I give in to the Emotional Clouds In My Eyes, I will lose my way.  This is not said to be sad but to be positive and this is why RA sufferers need all of the Understanding and Support from all that love them.

We all have to stay strong in this fight and I wish for strength for each of you as you travel through your journey down the road of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Be BlessedDSCN9257