Have you wondered since being diagnosed with RA where have all of your friends gone.  Before being diagnosed you had friends, some of you with a lot and some with a few that you knew you could count on but since your diagnosis, have they disappeared? I see this question a lot and I thought I would talk about it a little bit.

You sit and you wonder about that situation.  What happened to my friends, where did they go and why.  You see, for some of us and maybe a lot of us, we had friends we knew we could count on, friends that you knew would be with you through thick and thin and then you get sick, some are gone.  It leaves you wondering what did you do wrong or why is it my fault.  In reality it’s not your fault.  Why would it be your fault that you’re sick and going through something that you have no control over.  It’s not your fault that you are sick more than you would ever want to be in life.

Why do the people we think we can count on leave, mainly because they don’t UNDERSTAND.  They think we are complaining, they think we are pretending to be sick or they think it’s really not that bad.  They don’t understand that we would change our diagnosis of RA in a minute if we could. They don’t understand that it’s out of our control when we do get sick and can’t do the things we once could.  It’s not our fault that we may wake up in the morning and can barely move.  This is  what WE go through having a disease that was given to us and we can’t control and that means sometimes even on meds.

You see through tough times we find out who’s really there for us and through tough times we would like to know that we will still have all of those that we thought was there for us.  We need all of the support we can get with this disease and walking away from us is not the answer that we want or deserve. I don’t mean to be selfish but it’s hard for us and we do just need a little bit more UNDERSTANDING.

Be Blessed