I look at my hands and I see they are still pretty, well one not as much as the other.  I look at my feet, they are still pretty, well one not so much as the other but they’re still pretty.

This is not a sad post, just a true post. A day in my life with RA.  Well my RA has taken a little toll on my hands and feet but not as much as some.  I remember when I would just get up, get dressed, put my rings on and put my shoes on and out the door.  Now it’s a guess if my rings will fit or if my feet will hurt today.  My pretty rings including my wedding rings are a guess if they will fit.  I maybe able to get them on sometimes but it’s a struggle to get them off.  I’m happy when I can because it keeps my day normal and I won’t have to think about things so much.

My shoes I previously post don’t fit anymore so it’s a guess what shoe to wear that day.  It’s hard giving up what you’re use too but that’s a part of life with RA.  You smile maybe and keep going. You know you aren’t so bad because you can still walk.  And who am I to complain because I can’t fit my heels, I have what’s important, “the ability to walk”.  So I will slip on my flip flops or my tennis shoes and carry on with my day.

So you see, because I can still use my hands and my feet that makes them pretty.  I’m Blessed to be able to use both unlike some with RA.  So the struggles I have maybe small compared to others so I feel for them just as I do for myself and I know that we all have something to feel Pretty about. RA Fighters ROCKS!!!  Be Pretty.DSCN9255

Be Blessed