Hey all, I know we all have to take medicine for our RA and I’m sure we don’t really want to.  We read the side effects of on them and we’re torn about what we should do.

We know in our hearts that we have to take the meds in order to prevent damage from occurring or to prevent further damage to our joints but we struggle with, “is it the right thing to do”.  Not because of the fact that we need the meds but because of what is written about the side effects which can be devastating.

When we’re diagnosed, we are then given a prescription for medication based upon our doctor’s opinion as to what is best for us at the time.  We maybe given 1 med, maybe 2 and for some even 3.  Needless to say, we can be overwhelmed with it all.  We are further overwhelmed when we read what can happen with or without this medication.  So, we weigh our options, some even trying natural remedies.  Still we know there has to be some preventive form.  We try what we feel is best for us and so goes the story.

I myself has been on numerous medications.  Mine working anywhere from 6 to 9 months.  Unfortunately for me I have not been able to find anything that has worked further than that and this is a problem that a lot of us are faced with.  Many have great fortune to find something that work for years for them.  To date, I am on 6 month infusions of Rituxan.  It has worked, no side effects to mention.  The process can be long and tiring but the end result is worth it.  Still in our minds we still wonder what this can be doing our bodies.  This is where our struggle with our choices come in, do we take the medication or suffer the consequences of what will happen if we don’t.  I think for the majority of us, we know the answer to that question.

So with medication even though the struggle is a hard one, we must do what is best for us in the end.  We do fight hard for the best quality of life, taking our meds, some going from one medicine to another if need be.  This shows our determination to do what is necessary for ourselves and our families to live life as best we can as often as we can.  So this is why it is important for Support, Understanding and Love from those around us as we fight for a Chance at the Best Life we can have.

Be BlessedDSCN9256