Okay this story is really kind of cute or a little funny.  It’s about saying my prayers.  I’m sure many of you out there still say your prayers the way momma taught you saying them on your knees.

Well the other night I decided to say my prayers, got down on my knees and boy on the way down, I knew it wasn’t going to be good.  So I made it down and the pain was bad so I tried to maneuver myself for comfort and ended up yelling out in pain.  Needless to say, no prayers right then so I had to laugh as I said, “God I’m sure you heard that loud and clear”.

Not the end of the story.  Finished my prayers then there’s the task of getting back up.  I finally made it up and I thought to myself that was a painful prayer but I know God understands and I had to laugh at myself again.  So you see no matter how much we hurt, we push on to do what we have to do and thanking and praying to God is a must.  Still we can also get a little humor out of our situations no matter how painful as they can be.

I had to laugh at my situation because I knew it would help me with what I had to do and it was actually funny.  My own little private joke.  So you see, there are times when we say yes, our body says no. Still we struggle on and make the best out it and for that we are truly warriors.

So here’s to all of the warriors fighting that battle, take a moment and maybe have a good laugh at something funny that you do.  I know it’s not a funny situation but maybe when something silly happens to you, a laugh will make you feel better if it’s only for just a minute.

Be Blessed