I was diagnosed not so long ago and as I posted in my previous blog, it was tough for me but I got through it.  Told my family, got my meds and so goes the story.

I’ve always wanted to do something in some way to help others who have RA in any way possible.  Something as simple as telling them it’s going to be alright, I wish you well or God Bless you and have a Great day.

Guess what, I’ve found what is it is I want to do.  Here I am, doing my blog.  It is so liberating to do this.  It is My Therapy.  I feel if I can do something as simple as bring a smile to someone’s face or let them know that I maybe going through some of things they are going through and that I understand their situation and their frustrations I’ve done something.  Though I wish I could do more, just doing a little bit helps.

Sure this is a tough disease and there are so many times we don’t feel like smiling but if I can say anything that makes you smile or warm your heart my work and My Therapy has been done.  So I hope and I pray that reading my blog does something nice for you or brighten your day just a little bit.

Always, God Bless and have a terrific day.