Do you find yourself telling the same people the same things over and over again about your RA.  About your symptoms, how you feel, how you can’t do the things you use to do or how there are days you just can’t get out of bed. Then a week later you hear “what’s the matter with you, are you sick again”.

Yes those are some of the things we have to go through with RA.  We tell our story over and over again even to some in our family.  Are they really listening when talk.  When we go through all of the explaining that we do, when we say my hands hurts today or my feet are killing me today so I just can’t do anything at all.  You get those looks like wow, not again.

Do you get that boy are they lazy and just pretending because they don’t want to do anything look or feeling from some.  Why is it so hard for people to understand that what we’re saying is the truth.  That we would do anything to change our situation.  So while we talk about all that we’re going through to everyone, some just aren’t really listening.

What do we do with that?  Take it for what it’s worth.  Realize that we cannot change what people feel or think about us. Just remember we know what’s going on with our bodies and if some people don’t get it, then we can’t make them.  We have too much going on trying to stay healthy than to stress ourselves with those that aren’t supporting us.

So remember “Sometimes the People Who Loves Us Most Are the People Who Gives Us Exactly What We Need”.