Once I found out I had RA, I talked to my husband and he helped me through the hard time that I was going through.  He sat and he listened, he even watched me cry and he told me everything would be alright.  I couldn’t have asked for more support than that. You see he is my rock and I love him for all of the support that he gives me. Then I realized there was one other person that I had to break the news to and I really hated the fact that I had to do that.

That person, my son.  You see my son and I have a very close relationship.  Reason being for a long time while he was growing up, we were each others’ best support system.  Yes of course there were definitely other family members and friends  but we just had that mother and son bond. It’s funny, when I worried, he worried, when I would cry, he would also….get the picture. That was hard though because I didn’t want that pressure on him and I tried so hard to make things as easy for him as possible and made sure he didn’t have to deal with adult issues as a child.  So I really didn’t want to tell him about my RA because I did not want him to worry about me but I knew I had to because it was only fair and I couldn’t hide it from him.

Finally I told him, he was of course worried and wanted to know everything and I told him as much as I knew.  But he searched RA on the internet and saw a lot of not so good things and that really made him worry.  I explained that I am not as bad as some of things that he had seen on the internet. I explained my meds and my personal condition to him as best I could but he still worried.  Still I tried to make him feel better about everything and I still do.

One thing that I did do, I promised him that I would never lie to him about my condition and to this day he is one of my biggest supporters.  For that I will always be grateful.

I love you son, May God Bless you and give you strength and understanding through this.  Know that your support makes me stronger than you can every know.