I walk into my closet, pull out my cutest outfit and I get all dressed up,  I check myself in the mirror and everything is alright.  My hair is all done and I’m almost ready to go.  So, how many times have I gone through this, more times than I can count.

There’s one thing missing, my shoes.  I get my cutest little wedge shoes, or my heels, put them on, walk around a little bit and realize I just can’t wear them.  I tell myself, yes you can, you’re going to church or you’re  going to visit relatives so you won’t be standing or walking too much but that still just did not work.  So I pull them off and I’m so upset that I can’t wear them because not only do my my feet hurt but my knees as well and me emotionally.  So that’s what we go through with RA, not being able to wear the shoes that we once could because our bodies just won’t let us.

In my closet there are so many heels, high heel boots, espadrilles and wedges but I just can’t seem to bring myself to depart with them. They are still stacked there high on the shelf for me to look at and see what once was. The reality is, I will never be able to wear them again but it’s hard separating from that part of myself.

Have you ever felt that you’re giving up or have given up a part of yourself to RA and you’re angry about it.  Do you look down at your feet and say, why can’t you work the way you use too.  Does this add to your stress, make you depress or hate your situation.  If so, I do understand because that is me.  But I am Blessed that I can still walk and I am not taking that for granted and I’m sending my love to all of my RA friends wishing you the best no matter what shoes you maybe wearing.

Maybe some great hints at what type of shoes others wear now…..