I’m sure we’ve all heard those words and I have say I know they can be very irritating or disparaging. Not only do they irritate you but they let you know that you’re not believed.

So that goes back to fact that a lot of people really don’t understand our disease.  I like to call it disease because with illness sometimes it’s believed with illness, it’ll just go away. You see even though a lot of us show no physical signs we are hurting just the same.

That’s why we get sayings like, you don’t look sick, you walk just fine or you act like you’re alright.  I hardly show visible signs only my right hand swollen and my right foot swollen a little but boy do I have lots of aches and pains. Some of us are fortunate to not have visible signs but none the less we hurt both physically and mentally and for those with visible signs we hurt for and along with you.

Do you ever get tired of the “I have arthritis too and I take some aspirin”, we wish it were that simple. Well it’s great we have each other who understand but a little understanding from the ones we need the most will take us a long way…..

To each of you, I wish a pain free and loving day!!!!!