There are some who I find that have issues with their doctors whether it’s not having the sympathy that is needed by the patient, the understanding needed by the patient or the insight into what we might need as a patient.

Often I see patients who feel their doctors don’t really listen to them especially when they maybe seeing them regularly for pain outside of flares..i.e. consistent pain that you can’t seem to get under control, sleeping issues or depression.  At some point they may feel they’re being a nuisance or just not dealing with the pain well.  Well for most of us, it’s really not that simple.  We try hard not be a bother to anyone especially in a situation where there is no understanding, so to have a doctor who you feel doesn’t have your back is just another stress we have to deal with.

Of course, in all situations, there are some of the best doctors that a patient could ask for.  I in particular have one.  He diagnosed me within a short time and has done all that’s possible to help me.  So I am one of the lucky ones to have the understanding from most family, friends and doctor.

Will touch on pain and depression with this disease.