June 2015

RA Understanding It is Hard To Do

Posting today after seeing another sad blog of a wife trying to figure out how to make her husband understand what’s she going through.  It’s really, really sad to this happen especially when you’re trying to understand it yourself.

At first it was I got it, I have your back and then, it’s can’t you get up, do something, aren’t you tired of just laying around.  Well this goes back to how well does anyone understand what we’re going through if they aren’t going through it themselves.

To have someone saying that you’re lazy, looking for sympathy or just pretending are some of the things we have to deal with a lot. And why, because they just don’t understand it. Not saying everyone is in this situation but there a lot that are.  No we’re not lazy, no we aren’t looking sympathy or just pretending.  It’s all real and it is devastating.

So how do we get others to understand? Well that can be difficult. Support is one of the best things that we need next to medicine.  How do we get support?

That’s a good topic to ponder.

Understanding The Pain

The main reason for my blog is just to reach out to the many, many RA suffers who go through the everyday pains of rheumatoid arthritis but are also having difficulties from people who really don’t understand what it’s all about.  Sure they know you hurt but do they really know what you’re feeling.  This can be family, friends, co-workers or anyone that touch your life on a consistent basis.

For me it’s not so bad with my husband or my son but sometime others just don’t get.  Yeah they hear you say your hand hurt or your leg hurt, maybe even your feet.  Do they just think a couple of aspirin, advil or aleve will do the trick so get up and get moving.  Some even think when you hurt on a daily basis that you are complaining and maybe looking for sympathy.  Well we know that’s not the case.

RA is bad and it affects each of us differently and each of us respond differently to meds, so yes we may feel okay today but not tomorrow.  It’s bad enough to hurt and to have to take meds but to have people who don’t understand makes our journey even harder.

As I sit here blogging now, I feel pain but it’s great to know that I do have someone who understands and care deeply about what I feel and what I’m going through.

So if you get a chance, please share your experience about RA and understanding with me.

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