RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis-The Emotional Pain of Losing Ourselves


Rheumatoid Arthritis, it’s no secret it causes us pain, pain and more pain, not just physical pain but the emotional pain that sometimes the eyes of others just don’t see.  The emotional pain of losing ourselves to this disease can be almost as great as the  physical pain we suffer at the hands of this disease. These are the burdens we bear day in and day out. Continue reading “RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis-The Emotional Pain of Losing Ourselves”

RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis-The Struggle We Know So Well

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Rheumatoid Arthritis, what do we think about it?  We as sufferers will never be at a loss for words.  For others, there will never be enough words.

Our lives with this disease is full of struggles.  How do we maintain?   How do we keep on fighting? How do we make them believe?  Am I Going To Make It?  Questions I’m sure we have all thought about at some point while battling this disease. I’m sure there are many who would never in a day think these are the many concerns that we would have but how wrong they are.  Little do they know, our lives are consumed with struggles everyday whether they are big or small. Continue reading “RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis-The Struggle We Know So Well”

RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Me And My Life


This is for each and everyone of us dealing with this dreadful disease.  A provoking thought about us and our disease and how it affects us each day as we try our best to move forward through our struggles.  The I & Me in the title is For You!!  A little bit of truth about our lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Continue reading “RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Me And My Life”

RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis-The Lost Understanding-Why We Truly Deserve


Complicated though it may be, there is no reason known why Rheumatoid Arthritis shouldn’t be UNDERSTOOD.  Will people ever understand what it really is.  Will they ever truly get that it is simply not the arthritis they have come to believe that it is.  Though arthritis is a word in our diagnosis, it is far more complicated than that.  But understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis for so many seems to be as complicated as the disease itself.  Why have so many turned their backs on understanding this disease and us?  Yes disease, that is exactly what we have and is fighting, a disease.  Fighting for understanding of this disease is very important for us because without it, we are treated less than we should be and that is a Shame. Continue reading “RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis-The Lost Understanding-Why We Truly Deserve”

RA-Are You Carrying The Burden of Blame For Having Rheumatoid Arthritis


Life changes for many reasons, it’s how those changes are handled that determines the outcome.  For each of us Rheumatoid Arthritis has brought tremendous change into our lives and with it our ongoing battle to know just what to do to make those changes easier. With Rheumatoid Arthritis our lives as we knew it is gone, changed forever.  With those changes have come loss physically and mentally with us and those we love.  Are you blaming yourself? Continue reading “RA-Are You Carrying The Burden of Blame For Having Rheumatoid Arthritis”

RA -What Does Having Rheumatoid Arthritis Mean To You

Pain, Fatigue and Confusion, That Is The Meaning

Having Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the most difficult things that a sufferer has to deal with.  Dealing with this disease can’t be fully be understood by others no matter how often we tell them and how much detail we go into about it.  The understanding unfortunately just isn’t there and our thought is, It Will Never Be!!  Others will never understand what it means to have Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease we are forced to live with, deal with and suffer through along the way. Continue reading “RA -What Does Having Rheumatoid Arthritis Mean To You”

RA – Pain Is The Suffering Of Rheumatoid Arthritis – Our Cry

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Suffering is such a strong word.  Suffering-describes undergoing pain, distress or hardship.  Do You See Yourself In These Words!

Pain is such a strong presence.  Pain-physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness.  I Know You See Yourself In These Words! Continue reading “RA – Pain Is The Suffering Of Rheumatoid Arthritis – Our Cry”

RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Can I Close My Eyes


Are those sleepless nights that you find yourself battling becoming more and more the norm for you?  Do you find yourself tossing and turning fighting for sleep while fighting  pain!! Continue reading “RA-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Can I Close My Eyes”

RA – Helping Yourself Through It


We have Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease that is so misunderstood, lacks understanding and support but something that we face each and everyday of our lives.  But try as we may, we can never seem to make others understand the impact Rheumatoid Arthritis has on us. So…… Continue reading “RA – Helping Yourself Through It”

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